About Quartz B2B

About Quartz B2B

Quartz B2B organizes industry leading conferences (Quartz Events) and provides quality lead generation services (Quartz Lead Generation).


Quartz B2B was founded in 2007 with the goal of changing the way B2B conferences are run. Nine years on, we run a portfolio of B2B events that cater to senior level executives across a number of technology-driven industries. What makes Quartz B2B unique is our conference model which is based on a one-on-one meeting format. The success of these events has given us unparalleled insights, contacts, connections and data within the industries we work with. This has enabled us to build expansive and accurate databases which are the foundation of our lead generation business.


Quartz B2B is based in Hermosa Beach, California and has satellite offices in Portland, Oregon and Calgary, Alberta. We are a focused team with extensive experience in B2B conferences and lead generation. Our main aim is to connect our clients with the right people. We deliver success for our clients by helping them to make smarter, more targeted connections which result in smarter solutions for their business.

Our Team

  • Toby Harris

    Toby Harris

    President & CEO

  • Josh Ridener

    Josh Ridener

    Vice President

  • Oliver Thomas

    Oliver Thomas

    Vice President

  • Marin Silvers

    Marin Silvers

    Vice President of Operations

  • Traci Grohe

    Traci Grohe

    Director of Finance

  • Liz Bormida

    Liz Bormida

    Director of Marketing

  • Lucia Contreras

    Lucia Contreras

    Content Director

  • Jenny Holman

    Jenny Holman

    Content Manager

  • Kristin Hennes

    Kristin Hennes

    Attendee Relations Manager

  • Christina Pilo

    Christina Pilo

    Attendee Relations Manager

  • Krizzle Silva

    Krizzle Silva

    Attendee Relations Executive

  • Matt Velaer

    Matt Velaer

    Director of Sales, IT Summits

  • George Marinakis

    George Marinakis

    Sales Manager, Manufacturing Summits

  • Chad Hamilton

    Chad Hamilton

    Sales Manager, CFO Summits

  • Carson Funkhouser

    Carson Funkhouser

    Account Executive

  • Lorenza Guerri

    Lorenza Guerri

    Marketing Specialist